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  • Divorce

    Divorces are generally divided into two categories – contested and uncontested. A contested divorce is one in which that Husband and Wife cannot agree on the various terms of the divorce. Those terms may include, but are not limited to property division, division of assets, share of debts, spousal support, child support, and/or custody and visitation of children.

    An uncontested divorce is where both parties agree on everything. And by “everything,” that means they agree not only to divorce each other, but also agree on how to divide all their property, whether support should be paid, how they will pay for their debts and, if they have children, custody of the children. If there is disagreement on anything, they have a contested divorce and the parties will need the court to make decisions for them.  In general, an uncontested divorce is much less complicated and will proceed through the court system far more smoothly and quickly.

  • Military Divorces

    Divorces involving military personnel can be complicated and involve both Federal and state law as well as and even sometimes involve the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ.) Military retirement are very particular in the rules that apply to them. Military divorces can often present difficulties which require knowledge and experience to successfully navigate.

  • Federal Employee Divorces

    Divorces involving Federal employees can also be complicated and involve both federal and state law. Federal retirements in divorce present special issues similar to those of military retirements. Federal divorces for this reason can often present difficulties which require knowledge and experience to successfully navigate.

  • Custody & Visitation

    Nothing is more important and nothing can be more emotionally difficult than a case involving child custody and visitation issues. Whether it is an initial custody determination or modification of a prior court order, it is important to have legal counsel with experience in handling both the simple and the complex issues involved in custody and visitation cases.

  • Child Support

    Child support can range from simple matters involving routine application of child support guidelines to complex cases involving imputation of income to a party who is either voluntarily unemployed or underemployed. Regardless of its complexity, experience and knowledge count in dealing with the multiple factors used by courts to determine support and you should have both to insure the best outcome.

  • Spousal Support

    Determination of spousal support can be a difficult issue. It is typically awarded based upon a number of factors such as the length of time the parties were married as well as the differences in the parties’ incomes. Spousal support can be determined by either a judge or through a settlement agreement. Having an attorney skilled in knowing the various factors taken into consideration by the courts is crucial.

  • Property Division

    Property division involves the division of property and money acquired and shared by the married parties. Property in Virginia is not split half and half as it is in some states. It is split in accordance with a doctrine known as equitable distribution. To obtain the best result, equitable distribution requires knowledgeable counsel, keen analysis and sometimes aggressive negotiation. A silled and knowledgeable legal counsel will help make possible the most favorable division of property and money.

  • Separation Agreements

    In Virginia, there is no such thing as “legal separation.” However, parties may enter into a separation agreement setting out that the parties will live separate and apart and divide their property and debts in a mutually acceptable manner. Later, if the parties seek a divorce, the separation agreement can be filed and entered along with the Final Decree of Divorce. In coming up with a separation you can live with for possibly many years, it is strongly advised that you have an experienced and aggressive legal counsel to negotiate the best possible agreement.

  • Adoptions

    Step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions, un-related party adoptions all have different issues and none of them are particularly easy. An experienced attorney who knows the law is not required by the court, but if you want your best chance of successfully adopting a child, it is a very good idea to get one who knows the ins and outs of this very complicated area of family law.